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Adverse Reactions to Tetanus Vaccinations such as DTaP Vaccine and TDaP Vaccine

Each year, the Vaccine Court hears many cases involving tetanus containing vaccinations, including DTAP and TDAP vaccines.  While pertussis and tetanus vaccinations are common, the side effects associated with tetanus vaccinations can range from mild to very serious.

Key Facts About the Tetanus, Diphtheria, and acellular Pertussis Vaccine (Tdap vaccine, also referred to as DTaP vaccine)

The Tdap vaccine is generally administered to adolescents and adults as a booster shot to DTaP vaccines, which are generally received in childhood.  The Tdap boosters are generally administered every ten years.  All three of these diseases can be extremely potent, and potentially lethal.  Diptheria is a bacterial infection that causes a thick covering over the back of the throat.  This covering can lead to breathing problems, paralysis, heart failure and death.  Tetanus, also known as lockjaw is a bacterial infection that causes painful tightening of the muscles that may lead to locking of the jaw making swallowing and opening the mouth near impossible.  Pertussis, also known as whooping cough is a bacterial infection that causes coughing spells that make it difficult to breathe.  It may lead to pneumonia, seizures, significant brain damage and death.

Recognized Side Effects of the DTaP and Tdap Vaccines

The DTaP vaccine and Tdap vaccines are associated with a range of well-known side effects.  They range from mild to severe.  These risks include seizures, permanent brain damage known as encephalopathy and or encephalitis, bleeding disorders, harmful allergic reactions, pain and stiffness of the joints. anaphylaxis, fever, pain at the injection site, swelling, vomiting, continuous crying, and fatigue.  Brachial neuritis, Parsonage-Turner Syndrome are well-known complications of tetanus-containing vaccines.  As with any injection, especially one given so frequently, there are risks that the vaccine might cause severe shoulder problems including bursitis, adhesive capsulitis, tendinitis and rotator cuff tear. 

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Tdap or DTaP Vaccine Injury Case and Bringing It in the Vaccine Court

While only a small percentage of those receive Tdap or DTaP vaccines suffer injuries due to the vaccines, Congress established a Program to pay monetary compensation to those who have been injured by a vaccine.  The cases are brought in the United States Court of Federal Claims and the Law Offices of Leah V. Durant, LLC, specializes in such vaccine claims.  She has been admitted to practice at the Court of Federal Claims since 2008 and her office is located just steps away from the Court where vaccine cases are heard.  Tdap cases and DTaP cases are very common and awards in such cases range from small amounts to multi-million dollar amounts.  If you or a loved one has been injured by a Tdap or DTap vaccine, call Leah Durant immediately.  She is well versed in the specialized legal rules and procedures required by the vaccine court.  Call the Law Offices of Leah Durant today if you or someone you love has suffered a recognized side effect of receiving a Tdap, Dtap, or any other vaccine.  The Program Congress set up pays for your attorneys so there is no cost to you.  Contact the Law Offices of Leah Durant today by at 202.775.9200 or info@vaccinelaw.com to receive a no obligation consultation.

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