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After a routine flu shot, Randy developed Guillain Barré Syndrome, and was paralyzed from the neck down. Vaccine lawyer, Leah Durant, helped Randy receive the financial assistance he needed to complete treatment and recover fully.

Did you suffer an injury or illness after a vaccine? The Vaccine Injury Compensation Progam (VICP) can help you receive compensation for your medical bills and treatment. Vaccine attorney Leah Durant explains the program and how to qualify.

David received the flu shot and suffered severe shoulder pain. Due to his flu vaccine injury, he couldn't eat, couldn't sleep and even had trouble holding a coffee cup. He contacted vaccine lawyer, Leah Durant, and she responded in less than 24 hours. Learn how Ms. Durant helped David receive his settlement from the VICP program.

Isabel received a vaccine to treat what was believed to be a spider bite. The vaccine left her feeling worse than the original injury. Watch this video to hear how vaccine lawyer, Leah Durant, has been helping Isabel with her VICP claim.

Watch this video and learn how Bernie received more assistance from vaccine injury lawyer, Leah Durant, than he did at all of his neurology appointments.

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